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Weekly Meeting

(February 20, 2023)


     - Overall guidance of IHQ and Region by Pres.Dunkley 
     - Policy of 70Days condition(5th condition) by Rev.Kajikuri 
     - Make a comment by the Subregion director and Deputy            subregion director 
     - Make a comment by 4 department directors 
     - Question 
     - Comment by Pres.Dunkley  
     - Announcement

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Weekly Meeting

(Feb. 27, 2023)

   - Opening by Pres.Dunkley
   - HJLO
     The overall report of the current situation by Dr.Chuang
     Comment by Pres.Dunkley
   - Database

-    Goal of 70Days condition 
     Overall report by Rev.Kajikuri
      A. Strategic zone 

      B. Indochina

      C. South Asia

      D. GCR

      E. Central Asia 

    - Announcement

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