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True Mother's Speech _CIG Leaders' Assembly

True Mother - Jan 8, 2021

Closing remarks at CIG Leadership Conference

(Unofficial notes based on live interpretation - by Demian Dunkley)

Under Heavenly Parent Holy Community, leaders from around the world, and blessed families from around the world, I really want to ask, what resolve did you make in this year of the white cow? Heaven is protecting you and Heaven’s blessings will be with each one of you.

The year of the cow is meaningful because in agrarian societies the year of the cow is the most important year. It is the time when cows who have played an important role in establishing agrarian societies can bring great harvests. There are many animals that have been domesticated but the cow is unique because if you look at the life of the cow, they give everything for the sake of human beings, from the bones to the leather. Everything, the cow gives everything. They till and plow the field. Furthermore, the cow is known for being obedient, but also loyal and devoted.

In Korea, the cow says meeeeh. However, from what I remember, in the west, they say that the cow makes the sound mooo. You can really feel the difference between east and west. Korean tries to replicate the sounds of nature. It is a very scientific language. That is why around the world many people, especially in this age of the Internet, try to learn Korean. In the case of English for example, there are too many words. In Chinese too many different vowels. One of the languages that can be learned in a short time, where you can record a large amount of information with a relatively small alphabet is Korean. The reason I'm sharing this with you is that you can feel how heaven has blessed this nation.

For 6000 years, God has worked to realize the original ideal of creation by restoring fallen human beings by initiating the providence of restoration. This providence was so difficult. Today, all around the world we are facing COVID-19 and various other crises. As a result, families are separated, regions are separated; nations are closing their borders. we can see that covid is hampering the unity and harmony of people around the world.


countless issues are arising from the lockdown. Nonetheless, it is only within Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community that you can find messages of unity between families. Do you recognize that we are the hope of the world? (applause)

When I was very young I sang this song, and I would like to sing this song especially for you:

White calf white calf, you resemble the mother cow who is also white.

This is the year of the white cow. Do you know why I sang this song about a cow to you?

Today where can you find hope? You can find hope when you unite with True Mother, the only begotten daughter. When humanity follows the example of True Mother, living for the sake of others, then you can have hope and you can receive God's eternal blessings.

Hence, I hope that all Blessed families around the world can follow my example and bring people within the environment, within the embrace of Heavenly Parent, so that they can become proud members of the unification family, Blessed Families who become Cheonbo families. This is my request to all of you.

Now is the time for you to really bring results. I want to celebrate the achievements of each and everyone of you.

In anticipation of that day, if Mother calls you will you run to my side? May heaven’s blessings and love be with your families and your nations. May heaven's eternal blessings be with you.

Be healthy.

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