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Cheonbo Challenge

Are you up to the challenge? We will be starting the Chonbo Challenge tomorrow (March 5th) and we are still accepting leaders and blessed families who want to accept the challenge to become successful Cheonbo.

What will you get?

Mastering the art of Cheonbo in 120-days

We know many of you are already advanced, this class is about taking it further, no matter what stage you are at. Furthermore, by doing this together it will be like a Masterclass in the fine arts of Cheonbo!

Not just setting goals, but helping you get there

This isn’t just, “Here’s your goal, now good luck!” We are going to be inspiring one another, and supporting one another in a way that others will follow.

“Grow your tribe in a way you can scale!”

By joining this class, leaders will not only further your own tribe activity, you will learn new ways to multiply those activities in your mission field.

Learn more and sign up here

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