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Asia Pacific's Online Parent Matching Convocation a Success!

The Asia Pacific held its 2nd Online Parent Matching Convocation last December 5 and 6. 124 Parents, MS, and BFDs from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America participated. There were 29 male candidates and 41 female candidates that were presented during the PMC. President Hori Masaichi gave a lecture on Parent Matching on the 1st day and President Demian Dunkley shared a heartistic guidance to the parents on the 2nd day of the program. Mrs. Pohchin Rabano (parent) and Roger Chia (blessed 2nd gen) gave their testimonies on the parent matching process. Mrs. Ursula McLackland gave an important message to the parents during her welcoming remarks and the closing prayer. Parents were very happy with the presentation of the candidates as they could also see a pre-recorded video introduction of the candidates’ profiles.

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