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2nd Gen Matching Supporters Webinar

We are inviting parents and 2nd gen members already started families to join our 2nd Gen Matching Supporters Webinar on March 7, 2021 at 2:00 PM Bangkok time.

Our Key Objective of this Training Program is to empower and raise up our elder 2nd Gens and parents to take ownership in supporting our younger 2nd Gens, and their families to have a successful matching and blessing process.

We wish to extend our warmest invitation to our elder 2nd Gens (recommended by local BFD Leader) and leaders who feel the calling to take up this noble mission and to take part in this training program.

Our basic qualifications to be eligible to be trained as Matching Supporters are that the selected elder 2nd Gen must have started a family, stable in blessing, and with voluntary and public mindedness. A series of educational and training programs will be prepared and they are passionate to commit themselves to be trained as Matching Supporters.

Leaders and parents who have successfully matched and blessed their blessed child and feel called to support other parents and their children in the matching process are also invited to be trained as Matching Supporters.

We sincerely hope that through our jeong seong and dedication, we will be able to create our Hyo Jeong culture of heart, expanding ideal families centering on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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