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Date: Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 10 AM

Venue: Live broadcast worldwide / Cheongship Peace World Center

Devotion Ceremony

True Parents' benediction given to future generations that are resolving to receive the Blessing in the future.

Hyojeong Testimonials

Beautiful testimonies from international couples that overcame the cultural and racial barriers through love.

Hyojeong Cultural Performances

World-class entertainment by blessed families and famous singers


  1. Anyone 13 years or older who wishes to receive the Blessing in the future and their parents (including spiritual parents).

  2. Single candidates currently in the matching process, and engaged couples.

  3. Personnel in charge of matters related to the Blessing and matching supporters on national, sub-regional, and regional levels.

  For anyone else who wants to attend, you will be able to watch on

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