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Register Now - Hyojeong Cheonbo Great Works

Steps to Register

1) Send an email to register for the workshop. (Email: cc to:

2) Send the workshop registration fee via bank wire transfer.

3) Log in to your account on the website (Create an account until February 25 if you do not have one).

4) On the homepage click the Great Works pop-up page to watch the live-broadcast on February 26.

Bank Wire Transfer

Name of Bank:            Woori Bank Bank

Address:                       60 Doryem dong Jongro-gu Seoul 110-051

Tel:                               +82-2-735-6905

Swift Code:                  HVBKKRSE Korean banks do not have IBAN code.

Holder:                         HSA-UWC-CSC

Holder Address:         Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong-gun, Seorak-myeon, Misari-ro, 267-33, South of Korea,

Postal Code:                12461

Tel:                                +82-31-589-7177

Account Number:       015-029661-41-001


* Please make sure you send it under your name and not your company name. If it does not have your name on it, we might not be able to find it. Please send USD only and add an extra US $20 to the donation you are sending to cover the bank fees in Korea.

For details of the workshop, please go to this link:


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